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Wild France 2021

Feeling alive....

A spontaneous Trip to the highest Mountain of the Var. One of the many Departments of France.

We both woke up with the burning desire to explore more of the beautiful world we are living in.

We both love exploring with the Adventure-Van and discover new spots where the beauty of Nature is so powerful

Knowing that we are living in one of the most beautiful areas of France, we would not have to search for too far 

The question now was….
Where do we go?

Mary came up with “Let’s go to Mont Lachens”.

So that’s where we went.

Endless beautiful views
Mary and the Girls

And the sights we had were definitely not disappointing.

Views into Valleys like postcard-pictures 

Peace and no-one around. 
Of course, we took not the easiest route to the top.

But it was sure worth it.

Luckily Wildlife in France is still existing.

It’s so humbling to see this majestic vulture soaring without any effort on the thermal upstream. 

With a little patience, you’d even catch a glimpse of these little snakes

Vulture soaring....
Viper snake

Not taking the regular easy route, the trip brought us to an open space where we could take a longer break. To enjoy the fresh air fixing a Coffee and a Cigarette.  Time to take some great pictures

Adventure-Van on a remote mountain path
The Girls and me....

It’s great to feel and see the Girls (My Dogs) enjoy the freedom of roaming around and picking up all sences of the Wild.

Every now and then, they come to report back….

Climbing some higher peaks just to see how far I can see from there.

Always one of the Girls is joining in….

Climbing to discover even more views
Adventure-Van parked

When we finally end up at the highest spot we could reach with the Van, we continued by foot. All the way up to that Peak

Once we arrived, it was breath taking to see how far Nature stretches here. And even more impressive views were revealed.

Meditation and enjoying the scenery is kind of the same here.

Magnificent views
Top of the Var...

I just love standing on high grounds, feeling the wind and the magnificence of this Wild Nature.

Everywhere I go, my Girls are too. We’re living the free life as intense as possible for that very moment

Comparing this freedom with where I came from… this is NOT comparable.

Let's make more miles...
That was great, now i'm sleeping. You drive
I'm done for the day... Sleep well (You drive)

A Horse's Gift

Sometimes I like to reflect on what what I did with my Life. Having thoughts about meaning and purpose, morals and rules . 
Then I wonder why universe put me here, where I never thought I’d be. Among Horses, Dogs, Cats and other farm-animals.
Being around them always made me feel at peace. 
Whenever I felt the need I was with my Dog and Horses.

I remember clearly the sound of munching horses late at night in the barn of my Dad. 
This munching sound, so serene and regular, together with the smell of horse-breath. It is the sound that will always make me feel back home in my heart…
Those horses gave me a never failing compass for finding HOME where ever I am.

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